Mikasaki Castle Ruins

Located at the tip of Mikasaki in the southeast of Innoshima, and this place had been a checking point of the sea. In the Muromachi era, the Innoshima Murakamis assigned the Kanayama clan as a Bugyo (a magistrate in Japan’s feudal period) to correct tax from the boats to cross Bingo Nada (the central area of Seto Inland Sea). The main Kuruwa(surrounding walls), with the second Kuruwa(surrounding walls) in the northeastern side of the main are facing to the sea surrounded by steep slopes. The inlet of the southern part of the peninsula is considered as ‘Funakakushi’ (a place to hide boats). At the point of the peninsula, there is Jizo-iwa (a rock statue) called Hana no Jizo, which is promoted by the community as a guardian deity for travelers with the legend related to the Kanayamas.

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