Saizaki Castle Ruins

Located at the top of the small hills 37 m above sea level, and there are flatted lands headed to the north from the main castle. There is Imushima Shrine halfway up the hill and in front of the main Kuruwa(surrounding walls) on the top where Amaterasu Ohmikami (Sun Goddess) is enshrined. In the northwest below the castle, there is Sen-nin-zuka (a burial mound) for the dead in the battle.

Doi Castle Ruins

It is the broad flat ground of the northern slope of Mt. Ohkusu, with a deep moat in the east utilizing the river nearby. Step-wise castle Kuruwa(surrounding walls) are remained, and you can find a stone monument of the castle ruins and a small shrine at the northwest corner of the entrance. There is another shrine on the back.

The restroom of Ohama Community Center is only available on weekdays. The restroom in the Amenity Park, 500 m north from the starting point can be used on weekends and national holidays.
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