Nagasaki Castle Ruins

Located on the hill of 20 m above sea level in the south of Innoshima.
In the place of the current hotel, there are Kuruwa(surrounding walls) in three different levels and holes made for boats to moor on the shore. Due to the reclamation, the detail is unknown, but as this castle was jutting out to the seas as like peninsula, it is assumed to have had Funakakushi (a place to hide boats) around it. Behind the castle, there is Kojinyama Castle Ruins which is considered as the last fort of Nagasaki Castle, but many things remain unclear as the landscape has quite changed. This castle became known as the base of the Innoshima Murakamis for almost 180 years before moving to Yozaki Castle in Mukaishima.

*The site of Nagasaki Castle Ruins is located in the property of Nautique Shiroyama Hotel. Visitors should avoid causing any trouble to the hotel guests.
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